Training Request

The 3D-SIM microscope is open to labs whose Principal Investigator has a primary appointment in one of the HMS basic science departments. To request training, please fill out the following form. Submitting the form does not imply that you are ready be charged a training fee, so please fill out the form even if you would simply like to come in for a consultation.

It is strongly advised to read the sample prep guidelines before coming for a consultation




    FacultyPost-docGrad studentTechnicianUndergradOther


    Please note that OMX access is restricted to the basic sciences departments on the HMS quad.


    Give a brief description of your sample and experiment*

    Check all that apply to your experiment*

    3D-SIMTIRFSimultaneous Multichannel (WF/TIRF only)FRAP/PhotoactivationFixedNeed to collect z-seriesLiveTimelapseRequires temperature/CO2 control

    List the manufacturer and product number of your coverglass

    List the manufacturer and product number of your mounting media (or recipe if homemade)

    List the exact fluorophores you will be using (e.g. mCherry, AlexaFluor 568)*

    How will your specimen be mounted?*

    Slide35mm glass-bottom dishLabTek dish✴OtherOnly the central 4 wells will be useable on a LabTek dish

    If other, please describe

    For live experiments, please check all that apply to your specimen

    Established human cell linePrimary human cellsMammalian cells, but not humanInfectious human pathogenBL1BL2BL3I'm not sure

    Before imaging on the OMX you should first evaluate your sample with widefield or confocal microscopy. It is very helpful for us to see these images before we begin working on the OMX. If you have an image of your sample, please upload it here. If not, we can help you acquire a widefield image during your consultation.

    TIFF, JPG, or PNG. Max file size: 5mb