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Super-resolution Microscopy in the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School


The 3D-SIM microscope was acquired using funds from the Department of Cell Biology, the Office of Tools and Technology, and the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology.  It is available for use by labs whose Principal Investigator has a primary appointment in one of the HMS basic science departments and LSP.

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3D-SIM Capabilities

  • Twofold increase in lateral (120nm) and axial (340nm) resolution with 3D Structured illumination
  • Fast 3D-SIM: 1 μm Z-stack (120 images) in as fast as 1 frame per second (at 1ms exposure)

In addition to SIM, the microscope Blaze also offers

  • Ring TIRF, reducing interference fringing
  • FRAP / Photoactivation / Photoconversion
  • Simultaneous 3-color widefield imaging with three sCMOS cameras
  • Hardware focus maintenance

SIM vs Widefield

170nm fluorescent beads imaged with widefield (WF) and structured illumination (SIM)


SIM Capabilities

For more detailed information, view the microscope technical specifications

For important sample prep information, see our sample prep guidelines


The CBMF Team

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This microscope is open to labs whose Principle Investigator has a primary appointment in one of the HMS basic science departments.

For questions, please email Talley Lambert

If you want to be trained or if you want to come in for a free consultation to discuss whether SIM might benefit your experiment, please fill out a training request